You gave me life, redeemed a lost sinner. Gave hope to a man of hopelessness. Loved through and through, no exception, no hidden condition, nothing expected in return. Loved before the day I was born, and loved through every moment of life. Loved during every wicked deed, sinful action, and every stain of impurity. Your back embraced every lick of that whip destined for me. Your hands bore the nails that were the punishment of my sin. The Father turned his face from you so He could look at mine, your lungs gave out, so the breath of live could enter mine. You died a sinner’s death, so I could live an eternity of righteousness. You paid with love while I dug my grave with hate. You laid in that grave taking my shame, clothing me with your righteousness. I stand in awe. Unable to even fathom the price you paid. Unable to pay back, unable to ever praise you enough, unable to humble myself enough for your glory, but all I can do is praise you with all my heart, knowing You paid the greatest ransom in history, knowing that all of this is for free, not earned, not deserved, never repaid, but totally-utterly-graciously free. A gift, a gift of Love.