Do you feel it? The cold stinging your skin.

Rows of tombstones. Do you feel it within?

Chills reach my bones, again? Look, here’s a show.

Standing in the graveyard; I haven’t let go.

 Ghosts of the past continue to haunt me.

Moments don’t come back, they flee.

 I have opened the caskets with my knife.

I cannot make the bones come back to life.

Now holding skeletons of moments past,

Move and hear the bones crack, their life didn’t last.

The path is straight, don’t look back, you’ll feel pain,

Thoughts are firing through the maze of my brain.

They get lost, stuck in paths that never end.

Body freezes, mind lights up, can’t defend,

Bones pile up on top, cling to them, the past.

Hold them like they are the friends that didn’t last.

I know, I’m the only one living here.

Go read “The Orchard,” I think you didn’t hear.

The cemeteries where we’ll be sleeping.

Here’s something, this is where I am living.

Empty caskets, dead bones, feeling at home.

Thanks for coming, leave now, I’m not alone.

Got the bones to talk too, sun in the sky.

It stays night here; I’ll remain, so goodbye.