Sitting back in the car, the journey in its dawn.

Wheels on the tar. Out of the mud we press on.

Remember driving alone, veering left to right.

The engine had a bad tone, and on goes the red light.

That’s alright I’ve got this, conceitedly pressing ahead.

They say ignorance is bliss, I was being misled.

Something in here smells, been using the brake,

And the gas, warning bells. Hypocrisy, that snake.

Try to accelerate and at the same time standstill.

The engine wasn’t doing great, where was its will?

Sounding like it was in a rut, and then it all turned gory.

We hit our first victim, but I’ve already told that story, 

Before hitting a hole. We were stuck in the dirt.

Lost and without a goal, I think all of us got hurt.

How did we get out? We picked up a mechanic.

Did you even know the route? Destined to fail, Titanic.

Here, I’ve brought you a driver is what he said.

The engine is made new, but the mechanics hands bled.

And now we are on our way, the driver has a goal.

We left one in dismay, he wanted to stay in the hole.

Didn’t like the new member, he decided to stay there.

Dressed in black, remember? All he brought was despair.

Careful, he warned that he would find us again.

In darkness adorned we left him. Now clear sky, no rain.

Sun shining bright on us, smooth road ahead at last.

Then we begin to discuss, thoughts coming from the past,

We cannot get along; the driver tells us we can’t both stay.

One of us is in the wrong, “there’s a graveyard along the way.”

Says the voice from the back, “let me out there.”

He begins to pack, he has too many things to bear.

 A sack filled with bones, it’s too heavy to carry.

We arrive at the gravestones, to him it’s a library.

Opens the door before he warns us the sun is setting.

Wonder what he left us for, but he’ll be back I’m betting.

For now, it’s just the two of us, just the driver and me.

No more stress, no fuss, nothing I have to flee.

No storms but peace instead, just a couple bumps on the road.

Then we look ahead, there’s a hill, and we have slowed.

I’ll take the wheel back; thinking I could make us go faster.

We’re on the right track, I’ll lead us a moment, won’t be a disaster.

It’s turning night, both awake, but no more dialogue,

Running low on fuel, my mistake; drove us into the fog.