Here’s something I find upsetting.

People worried about what house they’ll be getting,

Why? The cemetery is where we’ll be sleeping.

Whe're all gonna die, right? Why the tear?

Don’t cry, somedays I hope death is near, here’s why,

 I’m ready to die, not ready for life, is that a lie?

See some love the journey more than the destination.

Personally, the destination is my favorite station.

The road can be great, but it’s filled with so much pain.

God never said it will be easy, driving in His lane.

The path I’ve chosen isn’t easy, doing what is hard,

Trusting He’ll make my paths strait, but get the Lifeguard.

I’m drowning in my worry, he better hurry, my sights getting blurry.

The tide of night flooding my thoughts with fear,

Doubt is here, whispering in my ear, he’s the antecedent of fear.

Plugging my ear, so I can’t hear, the help that’s here.

Gods near, you don’t have to fear, his arm outstretched “I’m here”

But his voice isn’t clear because I adhere to the fear.

I may appear calm, but I’m gasping for air worrying about my career.

I’d love to expand but now is not the time.

Where were we? Right in my mind, reading through my thoughts.

There’s a war up there, with both sides taking shots.

Know the feeling? There’s an image of you that you want to be,

But there’s a devil inside that won’t allow me to ever be that version of me.

Is it getting too dark? Well then, we shouldn’t enter the dungeon.

We’ve been digging but we haven’t gotten to the root.

Every infection needs an origin, a place of food.

The problem? I’m both the infected and the food.

I’m broken, it’s that simple, afraid I’ll self-destruct.

The snake has lost its head, but his concoction isn’t dead.

Its poison is still active, an evil vile of death.

So, I’ve given my soul to the heavens to keep it safe.

Created by God, infected by the devil, now his poisons have settled.

We’ve wrestled and battled, tried to drown it, thought I killed it.

But that was the deception of the infection playing games on my mind, inception.

Where’s the antidote? Looking at the mirror thinking man this thing is wicked.

My mind wanting to do good, yet my body in bed with the wicked.

How long till my flesh and I become one? Because it feels like he’s won.

Desiring evil deeds, searching for a way out, got any leads?

Maybe I have to kill it, but wait it’s myself.

Starring at the mirror, face to face with oneself

Standing Infront of something broken, myself.

Good thing I don’t have to perfect cause I’m a Christian.

And Christian is my life not my religion.

Shortcomings are my vibe, but I’m complete in Christ, that’s the hype.

The apple on my mind, took a bite, but he came to make me right.

Got me walking through the orchard and I’m ready to fight.

Going steady aimed at my goal watching others fall,

Overwhelmed by the deadly fruit they devour, before it all turns sour.

Wretched over lost sight, pass them walking upright.

I’ve been vaccinated so the fruit can’t end me.

My Doctor left home to create the vaccine on the tree.

So, grace applied the medicine of my salvation

Mercy held me while Love killed my damnation.

The fruit is still sour, but its poisons don’t tarnish my soul.

I look up knowing I’ve been made whole.