The Fogs been coming, chilling my bones,

Just rest let it settle.

 The darkness comes to test my mettle.

Here Josh, grab the six shooter.

Take a seat, today, I’m the prosecutor.

Better get worried the roads rough

I’ll bring your pain and regret, tough?

You got the way out in your hand.

Don’t worry we won’t judge.

Stuck in the sink hole, feet won’t budge,

Dirt rising, the pressures amounting,

Your screams stifled, those fists pounding

The darkness surrounding, enclosing.

The only way out is to go down.

Accept the truth, punch out,

The future is predetermined,

Aint nothing gonna change that.

Your joys been rebound,

She’s come, begin the countdown.

Hopes fled; you know who’s in your bed.

Your friends gone, my greatest theft

You’re in the dark, alone and left.

Ohh where is everyone?

All I can see is your demons.

Leaving the crevices, lights gone,

Darks come, the carnages begun.




Dark out, lights out,

Standing in an empty room.

Pull up the hoodie, time to escape doom.

Heart empty, chest sweaty, eyes filled with gloom.

Minds full of noises, hearing the voices.

It’s been coming, no more running.

I’ll be the badest I’ve ever been,

Taking you all on at once might be my call.

Bring all off you, one-two-three-four.

You don’t think I can go through hell?

Lets see, I’m thinking I’ll do quite swell.

This aint my first ball,

I see you thinking I’m gonna fall

So lets get lit, go an battle for it.

My soul is mine to keep.

Try take it and it’ll be death you reap

Come well settle it here.

I’ve been getting tired of all my fear.

Oh wow there he is, number five

Come it’s time to murder the hive.

Kill the deception before it becomes an infestation

No more hiding, riding my shadow.

Hide the décor, time grab your weapons,

Either I die or I kill the Serpents

But this ends now, there won’t be another day

Where I bow to the ground getting down.

My fear trying to mask me, wear the crown.

Time to denote the value of my gold.

This is me infected with fear but,

God I think I’ve found the antidote.


Shut up, stop thinking you can stand up.

I’ve been killing your strength,

Shifting your focus, oh, where’s confidence?

That’s right I took him back then.

Penetrated your left side

Grabbed your heart and moved in.

Yeah, I’m the voice in your mind.

Ill keep you blind, arms in a bind,

Holding you in your cell, of course its personal.

Ladies and gentleman here’s the exhibit

Always victorious over those I inhibit.

Everyone eats outa my hand

Isn’t it so grand that no one can understand.

Think your different, hear the ticking.

Your time winding, the hand moving,

The end is near so quite kicking.


Get the measuring tape out

Size up the corpse, wait,

I aint gonna black out.

Hearts still beating, I’m back now.

The adrenalines got me feeling like I’m on top.

Warning; I aint smoking but I’m still dope.

Question, have you found a coffin yet?

I’ve been digging the hole with no regret.

You think you’ve got my heart

Are you kidding?

It’s been hollow for a while

Must go deeper to take my smile.

Give me the shovel I’ll keep digging.

Just staying me, nights out

Waiting for the light, wait!

Waiting aint gonna workout

Gotta knock it out.

Step to the plate, my life in my hand.

Take your throw while I can still stand

Trust me this aint the end.


So how you doing?

Never mind no one wants to hear.

Why all the fear?

Be a man, go on, hide that tear.

We all know who’s here,

We both know the end is near.

I’ve been by your side since the start.

You’ve been walking through the store

But I’ve been filling up your cart

With the products that I chose

Grab the milk, the shoes, ohh and the noose.

Look up, suns out

But how come its dark out?

Bright as day just not in the mind

Where I’ve moved in.

Either your gonna slay, or ill stay,

Better get on your knees, pray

Cause my price you’ve gotta pay

Is death for today,

And the future doesn’t look great.



God can you hold me, be my remedy?

Where are you? A distant entity.

My life served to give you glory,

Feeling entitled for you comfort.

Once again left alone.

Where are you?

That question aint new

But the answers are few.

Don’t even know where I am.

But that’s ok I’ll stay.

Born to slay, taking these demons

One by one, day for day,

Standing on both legs scrapping.

You’d be a fool to think I’ll be tapping.

No, I’ll fight till the end.

Putting the petal to the metal,

Full throttle, no brakes, caution,

We’ll go till one of us ends in the grave.

Don’t worry yall won’t be forgotten.

Put your carcasses on my shelf

Your memories are my trophies

No one is stronger than myself

See I’ve always been the monster.

A son of God, carrying the Holy Ghost.

Not an empty shell, I’m the host.

Not so distant, He’s living within.

Better hold your toast, hide your glasses,

You haven’t won but

I’d suggest yall run,

Cause your end has come.

Oh Lord, thought I was alone

Now I realize I am a son.

Guess I don’t need the tombstone.

I’ve been given life, demons were done.

I got a new mission now

Listen darkness I got a vow

Fear you’re the infection I won’t allow.

Coming after the youth,

Easy targets, trust me, I know.

Ill hunt you down, remove the root,

The spirit telling me to sow

Spreading love, purpose and hope.

You don’t like that? here’s the gun back.

Won’t be needing that, but you might.

Your ends near, I’m on the comeback.

Yeah pull the hoodie down,

This battle is done,

Your bodies telling me I’ve won.

Won’t bury the corpses

They’ll provide hope to someone.

Yall thought you had me overrun.

You forgot that I am a son.

A son of the one most high.