Put my rags on the line for everyone to see.

Airing out dirt, mine could fill a couple trash bags.

But I hung them on the tree. Where do you hide your rags?


Probably somewhere dark, let them remain hidden,

In the basement, where the forbidden infection unfolds.

Feel safe when no one knows what you hide below.

 But don’t wonder if the filth festers and molds.


That’s why I hang mine up, am I the only one?

Does everyone stare my way? What have I done?

Putting them out there because I really do care.


Not wearing them. “Embarrassing?” It’s fine.

Don’t feel exposed, rags on the line.

Let’s go stand in the market square, rags are gone.

I have my mask at the fair. Why do I put it on?


Got nothing else, in need of clean garments.

Show me where I could go. I need to know.

The crowd misleads, wearing their rags for show.


 They’re trying to sell the past back to me.

Their response came fast. I just hung them up.

 They haven’t noticed they’re rotten, There’s a stench on them.

Need something better, I too, was trapped in their fetters.


Covered in different rags, lice bitten,, pain driven, hole ridden,

They’re wearing trash bags, but acting like kings and queens

Until they’re on their own and ponder what joy means.

Those clowns examine themselves, then they break down.


All they see, a beggar with no crown and no throne.

Tell me can you smell it too? The stench of our mess.

You are not on your own. Everyone’s got it. You’re not alone.


We dwell in pain. Were we designed to lie in that cell?

Live for today, then die and fade away?

There must be a creator. There’s got to be something greater.


Look in the mirror again, satisfied with what you see?

So much emptiness inside. A failure is all you’ll ever be.

Get rich and lose it all when you die? Help others,

But fall apart on your own and end up feeling alone.


Search for pleasure and just end up hollow.

Careful, laughter is just a decoy. The treasure is Joy.

But she’s suppressed by depression. Is that hard to swallow?


 There I am airing it out. Look over here.

Be aware, I’m not hiding my filth, don’t want to be blind.

Putting down the mask, did you hear?

Spat out the mouth guard to ask what’s on my mind.


Quit hiding them, I’m done, putting the mask away.

 And if everyone else doesn’t do the same, well that’s okay.

 I’ll go down mask less in a sea of people that are faceless.