I have only started on my journey.

My mind has not parted with these questions.

Why do we search for pleasure? Attorney,

My flesh likes to explore bad suggestions.


It wants pleasure but that does not bring joy.

Ask the judge to what measure, I’ll be tried.

Regardless, I seek pleasure to enjoy.

So weak, knowing what’s right has got me tied.


So, tell me why have you made it so hard?

 Tell me why I’m addicted to my sin?

Look around were living in a junkyard,

We are bound to get some dirt on our skin.


I mean look; all these cars were made perfect?

Didn’t read the guidebook, and now they’re rusted.

Mercedes and a Ford, they’re both wrecked.

One we adored, now they are both busted?


Judge, tell me what is going on down here?

You’re watching to see who your people are?

People crying out to you. Can you hear?

We shout, but you keep watching and stay far.

In other words, Earth is just the audition

From birth the audition for eternal life.

Angels return, a failed expedition.

Mankind should burn we’re all filled with strife.


We have strayed from our purpose, we all slip.

If we were created to bring you joy.

If we were created for fellowship.

We flee, our relationship we destroy.


Judge picture this, slide open a freighter.

Inside, the products they free fall, and fail.

Do you blame the created or the creator?

The unstated truth, flaws in the detail.


You’ve created the mold, our moral code.

Impossible to hold on to the bar.

To weak to be pure, we fall short on that node,     

Search for a cure, last call we’ve fallen far.