Merry Christmas


Enter the barn. Smell the dung, exhausted parents where the livestock dwell, and in a dirty manger, a small child. The creator of everything, now among the defiled. His closed eyelids will open one day to see all creation exclaim His wonderful name.

His innocent lungs take soft breaths, but the days aren’t too far where he’ll want to scream out in pain. But keep his mouth shut and pay for the sins for which I am to blame. You were born for my gain; you were also born to die for my shame.

So, sleep well little child there are dreadful nights ahead. For your death men craved, so you’ll have angels by your side, swords aflame ready to attack, yet you order them to stay back for your children need to be saved.

Look at the child’s hands and think. Nails will tear through them, but for the moment they’re still soft and pink. His flesh will rip, His blood will drip, it’ll be gruesome and the reason for His torment is standing in the mirror celebrating the season. So Mary hold your child’s hands for I have sinned and wrath has its demands. In each hand a hole to help pay for my sentence in whole.

Look at the baby and think of the darkness in my soul. It won’t hold me much longer, soon it will be resting on His chest, as He hangs there and gasps for breath. The father will turn away on account of my filth as we all stare up at you in dismay. Sleep well child for sleepless nights are ahead, there’s a law that demands my death, a decree for my head but you came here to give yours instead.

Your soft forehead embraces your mothers kiss. Soon it will be the target for the spit of the masses. I am one in the crowd in shame I must admit. I stare both at my victim and my savior as he draws another soft breath, each one a step closer to his grim death.

So, I stand here and watch the perfect victim sleep. We celebrate his birth but I’m one of the many who took part in murdering you. Killed for my gain, I should go to jail but instead I am heaven bound. All I can do is praise your name, drop to my knees in thanksgiving, and exclaim an “Amen.”

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