2nd Collection in Progress!

Currently I am working on the second collection of poems. The first poem will be called “The Graveyard.” It will expand on the Starting of the poem, “The Orchard,” and it will explain some more on the casket lines from in “The Past.” Here’s a couple lines of “The Graveyard.”

"Do you feel it, the cold stinging your skin?

Rows of tombstones. Do you feel it within?

Chills reach my bones, again? Look here’s a show.

Standing in the graveyard; I haven’t let go.

Ghosts of the past continue to haunt me.

Moments don’t come back, they leave, they just flee.

I’ve opened the caskets with my knife.

I cannot make the bones come back to life,"

The poems Structure is 10 syllables per line, and it has an AABB rhyme scheme.

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