Feeling like a bird put in a cage;

Or is it the opposite, and I’m free?

See where we’re at? Am I on your stage?

Or you on mine? Don’t think we’ll agree.

See, society and I aren’t on the same page.

They put a lock on me; I’ve found the key.

So, am I a hazard to you? Probably.

Not a resident, not here to sightsee.

I’m the cancer in your anatomy.

I am the shark perusing your sea.

I’m not part of your school, that’s cool,

I’ll take a step back and watch,

You’ve been baited, yet I’m the fool?

Culture’s got you hooked, open the latch,

Leave the box, follow only one rule;

Follow Christ, don’t let the lies attach,


I love when people want to chat.

Welcoming me, telling me I’m home.

Like who put you in charge of that?

Who decided this is home?

What’s next? Tell me where my heart’s at?

Get out of here, I don’t need this.

Someone give me my bat.

Got some problems, clear the abyss.

The hole filled with pain.

Been filling it with my memories

Hoping for a grave, wrong again.

I should deal more cleverly.

Emotions overriding my brain,

Bringing images of friends lost,

Reigniting the coals of pain.

Don’t act like you know the cost.

I’ve given my all to lose everything.

Friendships ended, homes lost,

 Culturally homeless, left with nothing.

Can you relate? Wait, nope?

What were you trying to tell me?

I see life through a different scope.

Don’t try to help, here’s my plea.

Just give me some hope

And have patience with me.


Just wait, it isn’t all bad,

I notice things that you don’t

I’m worried that I’ll go mad

Seeing injustices that you won’t.

I grew up in different chapters;

You haven’t left your page.

Seen cultures with different patterns

I’m at the zoo, you’re in the cage,

Knowing nothing of the outside.

I’m lost when I’m on the inside.

I’ve come and gone like the tide.

I’m the bridge for the divide.

Connecting worlds that never meet,

I belong nowhere, just in-between.

No place feels complete.

Do you understand what I mean?

It’s just always, incomplete.

No place has all I need,

But I enjoy the best of both.

Guess I’ll leave on this note.

I’ve been to your place,

So, I know your story.

Been to his place,

So, I know his story.

Been to their place,

So, I know their story.

You haven’t been where I’ve been,

So, you don’t understand my story.

And that’s where I am.

Alone, lost in my own story.