Hey everyone, I’ve been writing a lot, got the pen out, got a new thought.

See the body is weak and I’ve never been interested in being meek.

I’m a smart guy, never thoughtless, I’ve turned my mind into a fortress.

My thoughts are what control me, they decide who I am and will be.

So get the barb wire, raise the walls, post the guards, barricade the halls,

Protect the core, who I am, nothing alien enters, no lies, and no scam.

Your opinions of me won’t hold. I’m out here creating my own mold.

I am an outlier, the loner, belonging to no one, I’m my own owner.

The problem I know, I should listen to advice before my problems overflow.

I didn’t always guard my mind, lies came in before the walls where designed.

The issue is their inside, behind the bars and walls is where they reside.

To kill them I’d have to open the gate. Let help in, nah I think I’ll wait.

I know they’re in here, I know they are lies, I know they’re the devil’s spies.

They’re in my fortress, my castle, my mind. Afraid their turning me blind.

Destroying my foundation, assassins with knives killing my congregation.

Stabbing Hope in the back, Joys been hit, and purpose is in the sack.

“Let’s go outside sire,” “thanks thoughts, truths hanging from the barb wire?”

“You’re not in charge anymore, it’s over, the lies have won the war.

However, a man in white is at the gate. Promising that he can exterminate.

He’ll kill the lies if you let Him inside, but up to you, you must decide.”

At first it’s got me thinking great, help is here. I need it there’s no debate.

“Don’t you, I mean you’ve always been by my side, what do you think pride?”

“Arrogance what do you think? Your quite big wouldn’t want you to shrink.”

Wait a minute, who let you inside, wasn’t me, so why do you decide.

Its chaos up in here, carnage everywhere, who’s with me isn’t clear.

Feeling lost in my own mind, where my safety was confined.

Can’t deal with this anymore, can’t cope, come in, be my hope.

Can you remove their voices? Getting tired of hearing the noises.

In dire need for direction. Can you give that to me, that is my question.

Feel like I’m driving through the nights, its dark out and I got no lights.

Oh what did I just hit? anyhow, whatever it was its dead now.

Let’s go back and check just in case, wait I don’t get it, it’s my face.

Cemented into the ground, yourself. Does that mean I just killed myself?

Starring into my own dead eyes, thinking why did you ever trust the lies?

Looking at a hopeless you I dread, Life without purpose aint life, its dead.

Lets get back to me, lost my innocence picked up a tab, can’t pay the fee.

The man in white saying he paid the fee, no more debt, no more regret, I’m free.

No shakels or chains, no fear of the furnace, driven knowing life’s purpose.

Made some choices, tore down the walls, let Christ in and now were killing the voices!

That’s where were at, no shortcoming, I’ve been writing, and I got more incoming.