Everywhere people with their mouthguards on.

I spat mine out, didn’t feel like holding back.

Got some questions, please explain them to me.

When has “how are you” become a greeting?

No one means it, or answers truthfully.

Why do some people live for the weekend?

That is only two sevenths of their life.

Happiness fades faster than sadness, why?

Everyone says we should help depressives.

But in public, no one talks to anyone?

Why do people scream that they want a voice?

But give them the stage and they turn silent.

Why? We’re in fear of offending someone.

Fear brings silence, and silence brings darkness.

Then we turn and complain that times are dark.

Just need some light; truth is what brings the light.

But the truth could hurt someone, enter fear.

Until someone rises up to speak out.

Then we split into sides like the red sea.

Hate them or love them, there’s no middle ground.

No logical thinking, just emotions.

Here’s the problem, we all desire the light,

Just don’t want it to shine on our dark side.

We shut our mouths and stay in the shadows.

Bright enough to see, dark enough to hide.

Should I shut my mouth and hide in the crowd?

That’s not going to happen, brace yourself.

Out of the shadow, crowd circles around.

What’s going to happen now? I don’t know.

But I’d rather make my stand on a rock,

Than go hide real quick, and drown in the sand.