That’s right, this is my letter to society.

Never felt welcomed, but I’m not going to flee.

Don’t fit in, rebellious yet devout dreamer. That’s me

I’m planning on staying, so this is where I’ll be.

Society you’re locked into an illusion of being free.

I’m coming from the outside perhaps I have the key.


I see life differently and that’s okay,

In my mind it, isn’t meant to be wasted away

Or so I thought, others tend to disagree.

Why should I become something I don’t want to be?

Just to pay for things that I don’t need?

And sit there as I let my soul bleed?


I don’t see people with numbers, you have a name.

Yet many of you act like NPCs in a game.

All saying the same things and acting the same way.

Living out similar lives, trivial roles. I’m here to play.

So sorry what was your name? You’re just not unique.

Understand I’m encountering hundreds of pawns every week.


That isn’t right, don’t accept that fate with peace.

Look into the mirror, you’re a masterpiece.

Life may be short, but it is your session.

The world is your canvas leave an impression.

Societies built on a herd mentality, the foundation.

But have you ever looked to cattle for inspiration?



What is their motivation? To what do they adhere?

Most of them won’t admit, but it’s fear.

Miserable at work, afraid to risk their income,

Fear of change. To their surroundings they succumb.

Like a hamster in a wheel, they’re in their routine.

They’ve served their purpose, a piece in a machine.



Not taking risks because safety is what they desire.

But the greatest risk is not trying, regret will acquire,

Empty sheet of mediocracy will be their past.

Life’s a buffet of chances but they’re on a fast.

Regardless, we all sip from the same cup of time.

Will you have a series of “what ifs” or stories sublime?


Warning, the chalice you sip from will run dry.

This very sheet, I’ve colored with different colors of dye,

Will fade in obscurity, nothing lasts so roll the dice.

Mistakes will be forgotten, one day we’ll be in paradise.

Think about it, your failures will be a forgotten past.

Your works too, unless they glorify Him who lasts.