Hope a four-letter word

The difference between existence

And the act of living.

Hope is a person’s resistance.


Resistance against the waves

Of depression and despair

Crashing against the hopeless.

There survivors are rare.


When the waves take all

It’s not the strong who survive.

When there’s no boat in the storm

It's those who stand on Hope that thrive.


The ocean swallows the rest.

Those whose heads fall to the waters

Reveal the strength of Hope

As it dispatches despairs fetters.


So, the hopeful stay afloat.

The chains drown the rest.

Hope is my rock

A place of safety and rest.


A guaranty for eternity

As my rock is in Christ

Built on his death at the cross.

The greatest Heist.


As He stole deaths power

Restored my soul

To be Holy before the Father.

My hope paid sins toll.