Finished the perfect design it is you.

Scroll through socials denouncing your value?

Look in the mirror, you don’t like the view?

Forgot that a perfect God crafted you?

(Hate yourself)

How come you hate yourself? Made you unique.

Wishing you were a product you could tweak?

Hate your voice, mind, talents, and your physique?

I said you’re perfect, you didn’t hear me speak.



Calling your name, I’ve got a plan. You doubt?

They’re better you say, before you tap out?

You see lies and faults, then the tears breakout,

But why? I am with you. Why do you doubt?



You worry about your future, your destiny.

Why? Your destiny is eternity with me.

Afraid of the unknown, what you cannot foresee.

Why let fear hold you captive? I have set you free.



How come the place for gossip is my church?

You judge and condemn the hopeless who search?

Mathew 7, Luke 6, do your research.

Did you forget I loved you first my church?



(The Bible)


Put my words on paper for you to hear.

For it others bled, burned, and hid in fear.

The dust settles on yours, for your “career?”

Then complain that my voice has not been clear.



Who you say and who you are, aren’t the same.

Teaching against things you do, play your game.

Indulge in sin while presenting your name.

Think you have hidden it? I see your shame.


(Gave Everything)

Created everything you see for you.

My greatest treasure I gave up for you.

My one son I let die, so you could be made new.

Eternity is enough, say so few?



Called you to be righteous. How come you keep sinning?

Snakes dead, you keep drinking its venom? You’re smiling?

Doubt when the devil comes? This is the beginning.

Time is in my hand, and in the end, I’m winning.