“Changed” is the poem that really introduces the main inspiration behind this collection of poems. Its main purpose is to show that who I am now is much different from the person I’ve been in the past but that I feel that old version of me creeping his way back into my life. As the title suggests the poem mainly talks about how I am different now, I am “changed”. It ends with me reaching the decision to stand my ground and fight back against the “old me” against the depression and lies rather than run from them.  

The beginning of the poem mainly talks about the return of the past version of myself. This was often the case after my return to Germany. Spending a lot of time alone missing the past meant that it was easy for some of those past problems to creep back into my life. The poem continues to describe the fact that physically we look the same but are much different in who we truly are. It continues to explain our differences and the reasons why I can’t stay the same as in my past.


There are also many deeper layers in this poem. I will not explain them though in order to allow those who are interested to find them on their own. I hope you enjoy the word play and imagery in this work. Also, this was me experimenting a different style of writing, making it a mix of a short story and a poem. I would appreciate constructive feedback for anyone willing to take their time for it.