Been blaming God for my blindness, but it’s God who created my eyes, the Devil gave me the blindfold, acting like it’s fine wearing his wicked disguise. Don’t blame God for the Devil’s work. Grab the sword He has given you and cut them off with the Word. God created the light, but as soon as it gets dark, we blame him for the night. If you think about it the darkness is just the absence of light. Did He ever say He’d leave me? No. So if it’s dark then I’ve strayed. Where did I go?

To be honest often I don’t know. Good that he is not distant. He never hung up on me saying try again tomorrow, I’m busy, a king after all, tonight I’ll be chilling in my chateau. I’ll check back on you after I’m done with my show. No. He’s right here, arms outstretched, ready to forgive, and make you an heir. I hope that’s something you know.


I’ve been lost in my past, I stood there wondering how much my sins cost. He just paused and pointed at the cross. A moment of silence passed as I stood there, aghast at a loss for words. I see glory itself hung up in shame. The one deserving all praise having insults hurled at his name. The king of kings wears a crown made of pain. A death too cruel for man, sentenced on none other than the son of God, the son of man. As I look closer, I see my sins latched onto Christ, for the first time I’m free. I fall on my knees to hear Him say come follow me. My son paid your fee, come Home. Your glory has been restored. Everything unclean remains on the tree. Come son can’t you see? See now that you have been made free.