The Author

Being Lost is my Home

Joshua-Samuel Lasi was born on January 28th ,1999, in Herrenberg, Germany. He would then continue to live in Germany for the next eight years of his life, before his family departed for the mission field. In 2007, they were called to move Papua New Guinea. Here is where the Lasi|s spent the next eleven years. Joshua transferred from the German school system to the American school system, this meant he would continue his education in a different language, English. After completing High School, the Lasi family moved back to their country of origin, Germany. However, this time they moved into a new city, Ludwigsburg. Here Joshua would work through a couple dead end jobs and get accustomed to city life, transitioning from a rural tropical environment to an urban one, from a third world country to a western nation, leaving his friends and surroundings behind and moving into new surroundings and a different culture. The things that really leave their mark on him during this time include fighting with homesickness, battling loneliness, fearing a relapse of his depression, and fighting with his faith, and his God. Then in March 2019, Joshua moved to South Afrika to work as a volunteer. During this time Joshua really discovered his love for poetry changing it from something he needed to express himself, to something he loves to do. Half of the works in “A Journeys Beginning” come from this time as he considers dropping his faith, fighting the longings of home, and his old “family” of friends, and fear of returning to Germany. Then in July Joshua returned to Germany, He is now busy integrating into German culture while also working. Integration is the main thing that leaves a mark on his most recent writing as he now seeks to establish new friend groups, find a church, and trusting God while attempting to let things of the past go.